Adventure trips are often about backpacking and training. In a nutshell this sounds quiet okay but before setting out there are a few things you can check to save yourself from last minute hassles.


1. Start by gathering as much information about the places you want to go to. Decide on your budget as well. Short listing becomes easier after that.

2. For an adventure holiday you also need to see who all are going to be there with you. Adventure trips are available for families, solo travellers, female travellers and normal groups.

3. Consider planning it cheaply yourself. The adventure holiday agencies have information about how to reach the destination, the logistics etc. Make sure you have all the required information.

4. When you pack make sure you carry only what you require. If you are off for a trekking camp in the snow or rafting in chilly waters, or skiing then make sure you have enough warm clothing and protection.

5 .Check your fitness levels before setting out on the trip. If your adventure sports require a lot of strenuous walking and climbing then train yourself accordingly.

6. The outfitter that plans your trip caters to amateurs and beginners too. So make sure you get maximum information from them.

7. The best way to decide upon which adventure tour to go for is by getting recommendations from previous customers who have done the tour. Contact them and know about their experiences on first hand.

8. If there is anything your outfitter should know in advance then he should be informed about it sooner than later.

9. Travel with an open mind. Be prepared for uncomfortable situations. You are going for an adventure and don’t expect anything lesser than that. Be receptive to change in weather and locality. See and absorb the changes in culture, people and place. Learn the local dialect if you can. Interact with the friendly locals and know the place better. Let yourself loose and enjoy to the fullest.

10. When you are done with your adventure tour, tell it to as many people as you can because that will keep the freshness in you alive for long. Get the pictures framed and call friends over to share your experiences.

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